• Sabal Palm 63640
  • Kernan Trail34270
  • Abess Park13708
  • Lone Star8828
  • Hendricks Avenue5614
  • Moonzy8960
  • Gooey8960
  • N/A8960
  • Tala8574
  • Katie8440
  • Olivia8440
  • Adam7040
  • J7040
  • Sven6854
  • Princess6854
  • CodyMon6854
  • Noahnator6854
  • ZackAttack6854
  • Turanski6854
  • Freya6854
  • Addie5614
  • bear5254
  • Ro4414
  • Ram4414
  • Roo4120
  • Little Bear4120
  • Sophia3600
  • Isabelle3600
  • Samijambos2920
  • sarah2400


Step Out in Nature is brand new program of the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens which promotes a healthy, active lifestyle through walking the Arboretum's beautiful trails.

Count your steps for fitness and fun and become eligible to win great prizes for you and your school! Click below to register and get started today! If you're already registered, you can login now to start tracking your steps. Anyone who reaches 100,000 steps during the program gets a special prize!

As part of the program, the Arboretum is offering the following programs from until March 6th:

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